Smart Design

Design faster with AI

As you work, the AI learns your design patterns and auto styles and resizes components. As you define elements Sluice automatically updates a checklist of scenarios that still need to be designed.

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Design iOS & Android simultaneously

Save hours of work by translating your entire project from iPhone to Android and mobile to tablet in one click! Sluice still provides customisability options for unique platform experiences.

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Flexible and Customisable

This digital style guide gives designers control of the design system accross all platforms. Content managers and marketeers can create new posts in one place and push it to iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablet.


Streaming service


Beauty booking




Wireframe, Hi-fi, Logged out

Interaction designers can work in Wireframe mode to get the user journeys just right. Visual designers can work in High fidelity mode to apply branding. UX’ers can switch states to design for all scenarios.


User test with
real apps

Preview and walkthrough your iOS & Android apps side by side. Run private A/B tests for both your Android and iOS app with fully interactive components. Set events and track user activity in their natural environment to perfect each flow.

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Plays nice with others

Connect with API’s to populate your designs with live data. Sluice works well with the leading marketing and payment providers tools and can be extended for other tools your team uses. Push both Android and iOS apps directly to their respective app stores for review and publication. Finally,

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Seeing is Believing

Sluice is currently still in BETA, but you can get a sneak preview.